ABCO Shredding Services
Residential & Commercial Paper Shredding, Hard Drive Shredding, Cell Phones, Tablets, iPads and Other Storage Media Destruction

Online Orders

If you are looking for convenient and secure shredding options that are also competitively priced,  ABCO offers the following choices for you to consider.

Ship and Shred Box

This program is designed for customers who want the convenience of not leaving the comfort of their own home, or office and the security of being able to track the package until it arrives at our facility with notification of when the documents are destroyed.  This program is for paper only. Call for options on hard drives and other media. 

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General Information

  • Box Size- 14"x14"x14"
  • Holds up to 55 lbs.
  • Cost: $99.99 (AZ only, out of state please call for pricing)

Cost Includes

  • Shipping the pre-paid box
  • Instructions and suggestions on how to best fill the box
  • Pre-paid return label
  • Shredding for up to 55 lbs. of documents
  • Certificate of Destruction

Convenience and Security

  • Convenience of online ordering and pick-up
  • Once full, call FedEx for pick-up, or deliver to any FedEx location for shipment
  • Box can be tracked via the FedEx tracking system
  • Receipt notification via email upon receipt by ABCO
  • Certificate of Destruction

Seal N' Shred Bags​​ 

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General Information

  • Dimensions: 18.89" Width x 25.2" Height x 5.5" Depth
  • Bag holds 25-35 lbs of documents
  • Cost: $15 per bag (plus shipping and handling if ordered online).  Cost includes shredding your documents and witnessing the destruction
  • 100% Recyclable 

Convenience and Security

  • Can be ordered online, or purchased in person
  • Cost-effective alternative for customers who want to have their personal/confidential documents shredded in a timely manner
  • Small companies and work-at-home businesses can take advantage of this low cost program
  • Shredding is done at our facility  and you can watch the shredding

Additional Uses

  • Ideal holiday gift to relatives and friends
  • School and other types of fundraisers