Shredded, Baled Packing Paper $1.00/lb.  Delivery is available.

 If the customer needs a long term inventory, we can bale the shredded paper.  The bales weigh between 200 – 250 lbs. and are placed on pallets so they can be moved with a pallet jack.

Bagged Packing Paper $15.00/bag.

 Each bag weighs 20 lbs. and is ideal for packing school projects.  This is sorted and cleaned packing paper. ​

Bagged and Shredded Packing Paper $20.00/bag.

 These are 20 lbs. bags of recycled packing paper that have been sorted and shredded.  It is suitable for packing, bedding material for pets, school projects, etc. 

Bulk, Shredded Packing Paper $0.90/lb.

Plus a $50.00 deposit for the Gaylord and pallet.  Delivery is available.

For customers who what to have available inventory, we offer shredded sorted packing paper in Gaylord boxes.  These boxes hold about 100 lbs. of shredded paper.  They can be moved using a pallet jack, or a forklift.

Unsorted Packing Paper  $0.30/lb. and delivery is available.

This paper is recycled packing paper and is available in unsorted baled form.  No efforts have been made to sort it, or shred it.  It may contain plastic bubble wrap, newspaper, etc.  It is the least expensive option and is suitable for customers who want to sort it themselves and save.  The weight of each bale ranges from 500 lbs. to over 1000 lbs. 

Packing Paper for Sale

Prices Subject to Change

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Note:  We will make all efforts to keep a suitable inventory on hand.  But since this is made from recycled packing paper, we suggest calling first to assure we have the quantity that you need in stock.