Benefits of Using ABCO Shredding Services

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Walk- In
  • Security - Witness the destruction of your documents
  • Convenience - No appointment necessary
  • Confidentiality - No pictures and no videos allowed in shredding area so we can minimize any potential exposure
  • Cost effective - Less expensive than "big-box" drop-off programs
  • Closed Loop - All paper is shredded in-house on a First-Come-First Shredded basis
  • Environmental Stewardship - All shredded paper is recycled

  • Main Location (Rose Garden Lane) - Drop-off unlimited weight  and witness the shredding if you wish
  • Satellite Location - Priest Drive, Tempe - Drop-off unlimited weight.  Will be shredded on a First-Come-First Shredded basis.  Witness the shredding of 250 lbs. or less.


  • Reliability - We will make every effort to be there on-time
  • Convenience - No need to box up your documents.  We can fill our containers directly from your file cabinets
  • Flexibility - No job is too big, or too small
  • Compliance - All shred size exceeds any industry standard
  • Security - All material picked up will be destroyed upon returning to  ABCO's facilities
  • Responsibility - All shredding jobs are issued a Certificate of Destruction upon completion
  • All features and expectations apply to all locations
Seal-N-Shred Bag
  • Convenience - Order your Seal-N-Shred bags online, or at any ABCO's location
  • Flexibility - Drop-off, or witness the shredding at either ABCO location
  • Cost-Effective - The cost of the shredding is included in the purchase price of the bag
  • No Time Limit - Keep the bag as long as you need it.  Return it when full
  • Return - Seal-N-Shred Bags can be returned to any of our locations for destruction
  • Witness the Shredding - The witnessing of the destruction of your documents can be done at all of ABCO's locations
Hard Drive Shredding
  • Full Destruction - All hard drives are shredded and not just center-punched
  • Security - Data is not retrievable from the shredded hard drives
  • Witnessing - Customer can witness the destruction at Rose Garden location
  • Flexibility - Customers can either take the hard drives out of the computer, or leave them in
  • Recycling - All computers and shredded hard drives will be recycled free of charge
  • Witness the Shredding of your Hard Drives - Watch your Hard Drives get shredded at our Rose Garden Lane location
  • Drop off -  Drop off your hard drives, in, or out of the computers at either ABCO location
  • Convenience - No appointment is necessary

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