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Hours (drop off):  M-F: 8a-4p,   1st/3rd Sat  8a-12p

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Document/Paper Shredding Services

​​​This alternative is ideal for the small office, or work-at-home individuals and residential customers who don't want the recurring cost of a shredding service, but need to properly dispose and/or witness the destruction of their documents.  It can even be ordered online!

​​​​Seal-N-Shred Bag
The Seal-N-Shred Bag is designed to hold between 25-35 lbs. of paper and its benefits are:

  • Convenience
  • Low cost
  • Useful for fundraisers 
  • Can be gifted
  • Being able to watch (Will resume after pandemic)
  • Price includes the cost of shredding

Due to the current health concerns, we will be limiting our shredding services to drop offs only. Thank you for your understanding! 

Hard Drive Destruction

​Hard drives hold the equivalent of thousands of pages of confidential information such as:

  • ​Medical Records
  • Client data
  • Company proposals
  • Research projects
  • Family photos
  • Etc.

Our hard drive destroyer renders the hard drive unreadable.

​Miscellaneous Shredding

  • Cell Phones
  • X-rays
  • CDs'/DVDs'
  • License plates
  • End-of-life products
  • Prototypes and pre-market release products
  • ​Etc.
Shredded paper going into a baler


​​​​​​​​2640 E. Rose Garden Ln., Ste. 4,

Hours (drop off):  M-F: 8a-4p,  Sat: 8a-12p

(623) 748-8480

Large File Purges/Old Documents​​

  • Large or small file purges are welcome

  • All documents should be destroyed once their statutory limit of retention has been met
  • We can pick them up, destroy them, and issue a Certificate of Destruction
  • You can deliver them to us, witness the destruction (after the pandemic), and save on cost!

Paper Shredding

We encourage everyone to protect their identity and businesses keep in compliance.   Our programs offer convenience, security and reliability.​ Below are some of the benefits:​​​

  • ​Watching the shredding will resume after the pandemic
  • ​No appointment necessary
  • Residential customers
  • Small & large businesses
  • Pick-up service is available

Click here to view prices and more info. 


We can recycle all your non-confidential papers, computers, cardboard, cell phones, etc.

Currently, there is a fee for cardboard recycling and paper recycling. Call for more details.

We Accept: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Cash and Check

Recycled PC Towers.
  • Shred up to 30 lbs. of paper for only $15!
  • More than 30 lbs. of paper? Only $0.50/lb.  
  • Computer Hard Drives destruction - in, or out of computer/laptops
  • Witnessing the shredding will resume after the pandemic
  • No appointment necessary!   
ABCO Shredding Services
Residential & Commercial Paper Shredding, Hard Drive Shredding, Cell Phones, Tablets, iPads and Other Storage Media Destruction
Hard drives before and after shredding.
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