ABCO Shredding Services

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Hard Drive Destruction

​Hard drives hold the equivalent of thousands of pages of confidential information such as:

  • ​Medical Records
  • Client data
  • Company proposals
  • Research projects
  • Family photos
  • Etc.

Our hard drive destroyer renders the hard drive unreadable.

Miscellaneous Shredding

  • Cell Phones
  • X-rays
  • CDs'/DVDs'
  • License plates
  • End-of-life products
  • Prototypes and pre-market release products

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We can recycle all your non-confidential papers, computers, cardboard, cell phones, etc.

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To help our customers, we offer the following discounts:

  • Senior Customers​ (Every Wednesday)
  • ​High Volume Customers​​
  • Military/First Responder Discount
  • ​10% Coupon

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Make our document and hard drive shredding services part of your comprehensive identity theft prevention program. 

We Accept: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Cash and Check

Paper Shredding

We encourage everyone to protect their identity and businesses keep in compliance.   Our programs offer convenience and security.​ Below are some of the benefits:​​​

  • ​Watch the shredding
  • ​No appointment necessary
  • Residential customers
  • Small & large businesses
  • Pick-up service is available

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File Purges/Old Documents​

  • All documents should be destroyed once their statutory limit of retention has been met
  • We can pick them up, destroy them, and issue a Certificate of Destruction
  • You can deliver them to us, witness the destruction, and save on cost!

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Order Online

​​​You can now order our services online. Our Ship-N-Shred Program and the Seal-N-Shred Bag Program are designed with convenience and security in mind.  Below is a brief description of what each program offers:

​​​​ Ship-N- Shred Box

  • Convenience: Order a large box online, fill it up, call FedEx, or bring to their many locations and ship it back to us
  • Track the box via FedEx Tracking
  • Receipt notification
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • All-inclusive cost

Seal-N-Shred Bag

The Seal-N-Shred Bag is designed to hold between 25-35 lbs. of paper and its benefits are:

  • Security
  • Low cost
  • Being able to watch
  • Price includes the cost of shredding

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